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Creative Toolbox - About Us : Overview

So What Is Creative Toolbox?BC outdoor activity

Creative Toolbox is a concept, experience, and opportunity fuelled by creativity and the desire to help develop a more caring and socially aware society.

We provide community building consultation and services, experiential program facilitation, and innovative team-building events.

Creative Toolbox is an innovative approach to addressing the needs, desires and interests of a wide spectrum of participants who are seeking adventure, challenge, skills, sense of community and wanting to have fun while learning.

Creative Toolbox values safety, integrity, belonging, individuality, responsibility and creativity. Through our own passion and enthusiasm we provide high quality programs and services to our clients and community. We strive towards challenge, change and cooperation to create a better place and time. We are inspired to bring common sense and creative ideas to light for the betterment of the community.

We believe a stronger community creates stronger individuals. Utilizing ones' imagination, values, responsibilities and skills helps to foster a healthy community and individual. We respect the feelings, perspectives, character and potential of our clients.

Our Vision is to inspire the people we meet on our path and constantly expand our own toolbox.

"Life is long and enjoyable when you work towards your dreams and share your passion for a better place to live." - Jeff Willis

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